Press Articles


« Abed Azrié’s music could be Sumerian. »
Yehudi Menuhin, The Man and His Music / T.V. series


« The only music that’s influenced me is that of singer-composer Abed Azrié; I listened to his songs the whole time I was composing the long first scene of Act I. »
John Adams, Klinghoffer’s Death / An opera in two acts


« Abed Azrié is a wonderful singer and writer. »
Leonard Cohen


« For music, singing, your unswerving, everlasting loyalty, thank you, Abed Azrié. »
René Char


« Don’t ask him what his nationality is! Abed Azrié has spent his whole life getting rid of notions of being either from here or anywhere else. He is a musician. His sole identity lies in his scores, and the words he sings are the instruments of his quest. »


« (…) Abed Azrié wants to bring the gems of Arab culture within everyone’s reach (…) »


« For twenty years now Abed Azrié has reigned over an imaginary territory embracing the whole Middle East with its different cultures, different music, different histories. »
La Croix


« Abed Azrié sings the great Arabic texts in his deep voice. »
Washington Post


« Aromates, one of the most enchanting albums released this year. A record whose music transcends the categories of genre and whose reputation is constantly increasing thanks to listeners’ enthusiasm. »
The New York Times


« He attracts all those who like avant-garde mixtures, such as David Byrne and Peter Sellars, thanks to his judicious blend of modes, traditional instruments (‘ud, qanun, nay), and synthesizers used with finesse to give colour and encourage the union of cultures. »
Le Monde


«…Abed Azrié’s music touches people, no matter what their age or nationality; the one requirement is their heart…»


« I have my own way of looking at men. That’s how I knew Abed Azrié had transformed my life in some way. He is a kind man, of strong character, talented and well balanced. As soon as he came into the room, his mere presence at my side made me feel different. I wanted to be in total harmony with him, as one does with someone who has a beautiful soul. I remember that it was the first time I’d ever seen anyone sing with a tambourine. »
Jeff Buckley